Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bio-Zips food safe?

Bio-zips are made from an FDA approved PEVA material which is safer for your food, since it is free of BPA and lead, as well as recyclable. Bio-Zips are freezer safe, but are not intended for microwave use. They do, however, prevent freezer burn from traditional food zip bags. Please make sure all hot foods have cooled before storing in your Bio-zips. 

Do Bio-Zips keep food fresh?

Bio-Zips are leak-proof and air-tight. which allows minimal oxygen from getting into the bags. The less oxygen that can get in means dry goods won't get stale, and fewer bacteria will grow on prepared foods. It is commonly known that keeping air out of food helps keep food fresher, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends using airtight, well-sealing containers for leftover food in order to keep bacteria out. Results are dependent on the type of food, temperature and amount of exposure to light.

How do I wash my Bio-Zips?

Bio-Zips are dishwasher safe on the top rack using low heat. For best results, hand wash is recommended. Fill Bio-zip halfway with warm water and add a small amount of dish soap. Gently swirl bag to make sure all internal surfaces are cleaned, using a bottle brush if necessary. Rinse thoroughly. Drape over dish rack prongs and prop open to dry. Additional options for drying include placing over a glass or mug, or placing a fabric napkin or washcloth inside to absorb water and dry completely.


Do Bio-Zips stain?

Some foods, such as tomato sauce or curry, can stain the Bio-Zips. The stains do not affect the performance or integrity of the product. Stains (and odors) can be reduced with baking soda. Simply make a paste of warm water and baking soda and rub it into the inside of the container. Let it sit for at least one day, then rinse it out thoroughly.


Can I write on or label my Bio-Zips?

Yes, you can write on the Bio-Zips with a marker (let ink dry before using). While the label lasts for a number of uses, it does eventually rub off making it easy to label again. To remove the ink, scrub the area with a non-scratch pad and soap.


What is PEVA ,and is it biodegradable or just a wash?

PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) is a non-chlorinated vinyl and is commonly used as a substitute for PVC(polyvinyl chloride) – which is a type of chlorinated vinyl. PVC is a known carcinogen and should generally be avoided where possible.

If something is biodegradable, then, given the right conditions and presence of microorganisms, fungi, or bacteria, it will eventually break down to its basic components and blend back in with the earth.

Because PEVA is free of PVC and phthalates, It won't off-gas like vinyl.


Where are Bio-zips manufactured?

Our products are manufactured and distributed responsibly across the world depending on location to ensure faster delivery times. Our manufacturing and distribution locations include places as United States, France, Spain, and Australia.


How long will it take to receive my Bio-Zips?

For US orders, please allow 7-12 days to receive your Bio-zips. Due to high volume, for international orders, allow 12-20 days to receive your order. We appreciate your patience!